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hi cuties~ agh sorry for the lack of updates! after i came back from japan i had like literally two days to pack all my shit for my study abroad semester in london LOL GG. currently waiting for my flight to take off, extremely exhausted, life is hard but yeah talk to y’all soon hopefully!

me to lady at airport: what do you mean london doesn’t use euros

#fml #literallysodone #iwannagohome

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greetings loved ones~

so this is kinda a shot in the dark lmao but has anyone ever attended a concert in japan before? i’m going to the shibuya sug fest tonight and feeling kinda antsy! like everyone keeps saying no cameras and shit but if i can manage to record an exo concert then?? this should be a piece of cake??? but idk lol also i really wanna push to the front of the stage like in nyc and taiwan but since japan is so polite about everything i dunno if that’ll fly blargh yeah SOS

lol just in case anyone was wondering, i did in fact record because i’m a bad bitch and idgaf lmao. as you can tell, i’m still alive and well and have beautiful fancams of lm.c + sug + an cafe hehe. my only regret (and i’m still beating myself up mentally for this) is that i forgot to fucking press the record button during B.A.B.Y aka i THOUGHT i was getting the most kawaii fancam ever of my fav song with hd takeru x chiyu shots but in reality i just suck orz honestly… but other than that the concert was great, i cried on the spot when i saw takeru in real life and i know somewhere in a parallel universe a 12 year old me is crumpled on the ground drowning in feels cus i literally just saw my 3 fav visual kei bands from like 7th grade perform live today ugHhhh~ probably won’t write a fanaccount cus i know 99% of you guys don’t give a shit and i’m just rambling to myself right now looool btw chiyu is DAMN FINE omg looking at him is like looking at the sun ok i’m done now

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